Top-Ten Best 1960s Supercars

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The Ghibli Spyder is even rarer than the gorgeous fastback coupe that inspired the Daytona Ferrari below. Only twenty copies were made, and the difference in lightness and visual beauty is miraculous, at least versus the coupe below.

In terms of specs, the base model carried a 4,719 cc, V-8 engine with 335 horsepower, and the SS model had a 4,930 cc, V-8 powerplant with 350 horsepower.

The Ghibli has a top speed of 154 mph, which was the world’s best for such a luxurious grand tourer.

Styling Detail

4. PORSCHE 911

This 911S was owned by the one and only cool himself, Steve McQueen.

Carrying the delicate chrome fender trims that were a special addition for the U.S. market, this 911S also benefits from Fuchs alloys and what were then very high-tech fog lamps.

The 911S has a top speed quite a bit slower than a few other exotics, topping out at approximately 125 mph for the first-gen cars. The 911S was introduced for 1966, bringing a big jump in power from the earlier car’s 2.0-liter flat six. The engine produced 158 horsepower, which was a big leap from the initial 128 and the 356’s 90 horsepower totals.

Sprint times of about 8.5 seconds to 60 mph were brisk and entertaining in this light package.

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