Top 10: used Porsche 911s

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The Porsche 911 has been going a long time, and there have been many different models. Some are rarer or more special than others, while some can boast of being particularly accessible – whether in their ease of driving or the prices they command.

There’s one rule, though. There are good 911s, and there are (relatively) cheap 911s. But there’s no such thing as a good, cheap 911. Choose the one that’s right for you then try to get the best example you can afford – selling it again will never be a problem, and most times you’ll get your money back. But don’t cut corners – this will never be a cheap car to run, and if you make false economies at purchase time you’ll end up regretting it.

1.) 2.7 Carrera RS

The original 1973 Carrera is much loved by classic car collectors. These people aren’t noted for their lack of funds, so the most desirable models have been known to change hands for seven-figure sums. The good news is that there are plenty of replicas around (the kind made from less special 911s, not old Cortinas) and for less than fifty large you’ll get one that looks like the real thing but drives far better.

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