Top 10 list of “Most Expensive Cars in the World”

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Ultimate is as Ultimate gets. That’s how you describe the SSC Ultimate Aero, the one-time fastest car on the planet, thanks in large part to its monster V8 engine that produces 1,287 horsepower with a staggering top speed of 273 mph. Many have described the SSC Ultimate Aero as the Bugatti Veyron’s kryptonite, and for good reason. Before Bugatti recently reclaimed the title of fastest production car on the planet, the Ultimate Aero held that lofty title, one in which they’re itching to get back. As for the price tag for one of these bad boys, it’s going to cost you $750,000. Speed has a price, so they say.

FERRARI F70: $870,000

Unless Forbes knows more than any of us care to imagine, number five on their list is a car that hasn’t even had its world unveiling yet. Yep, they’re talking about the successor to the Ferrari Enzo, a car that’s been christened as the “F70”. Not much is known about the “F70” other than its rumored to have either a V12 engine or a turbocharged V8 that produces somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 horsepower. Either way, Forbes is pricing the “F70” at $870,000, which is about $200,000 more than what its predecessor – the Enzo – was priced when it first hit the market about a decade ago.

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