Top 10 list of “Most Expensive Cars in the World”

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The first of four estimated price tags on this list belongs to a car that we first saw at the Paris Auto Show: the Ferrari SA Aperta. Built to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina, the SA Aperta is based on the 599 GTO with an engine that’s nothing to laugh about, that is unless you classify a V12 engine that produces 670 horsepower as funny. Ferrari has yet to reveal an official price on the SA Aperta, although Forbes seems to think that it’s going to be somewhere around $520,000. This limited run Ferrari’s price tag is aided not just by its performance capabilities, but also because of its exclusivity, which, in case you didn’t know, limits the vehicle to 80 units.


Not a lot of people are familiar with this Swiss racer, but the street-legal LeBlanc Mirabeau just happens to be one of the most expensive cars on this list – and for good reason, too. It packs a supercharged V8 engine under its hood, producing a whopping 700 horsepower and 850 Nm of torque. And also, despite it’s race-aesthetics, the Mirabeau is absolutely street-legal, providing a car that’s going to grab attention like a basketful of magnets inside a hardware store. As for the price tag, well, let’s just say that unless you have about $728,000 at your disposal, you might want to think of a cheaper – and more practical – set of wheels to take around the block.

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