Top 10 Lamborghinis Ever Made

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Today in 1963, Ferruccio Lamborghini incorporated his automobile company in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. It began as a way for him to prove to Ferrari that not only could he produce a beautiful and powerful sports car, he could create one better than theirs.

Today, his company stands as a benchmark for all other supercar manufacturers to aspire to, with unmistakable designs and undeniably beautiful engine notes.

1985 Countach 5000QV

In 1985, Chief Engineer Horacio Pagani brought the Countach into the modern era. For the first time, Lamborghini built a specific model for the US. Instantly identifiable are the federally mandated front bumpers, which were quickly removed by owners upon delivery. Feeding proper air to the six carburetors had always been an issue since the intakes are behind the cockpit. Bosch fuel injection solved the problem and bumped horsepower to 414.

1995 Diablo SV

A decade later, horsepower was up to 510, so the Diablo needed larger cooling ducts and a giant rear spoiler. Big brakes were added and chrome trim was deleted for a sinister appearance. Without the all-wheel drive of the more expensive Diablo VT, the SV is incredibly overpowered on the track or street.

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