The 7 most expensive supercars in the world

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The Aston Martin Vulcan is $2.3 million of British track car greatness.

If you’re going to go for an 800 horsepower V12-powered British track car, the $2.3 million Aston Martin Vulcan will probably be your top choice. That is, if you can find one. Which you probably can’t.

Only 24 Vulcans have been made, and they have all been¬†claimed for. Unfortunately, you’ll have to find another car to give you a super lightweight, high powered driving experience.

With the $2.5 million F60, you could’ve helped Ferrari celebrate their birthday.

The Ferrari F60 was the car that Ferrari built to celebrate their 60th birthday. Only problem was, they only made 10 of them and they were all sold before Ferrari told anyone that they were making it!

Still, it’s a cool car nonetheless.

It’s basically their 730¬†horsepower F12 coupe, without a roof, and with a slightly changed up front-end.

The F69’s two-tone interior throws it back to classic Ferrari race cars.

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