The 10 Easiest Classic Cars to Restore

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1967 – 1969 Chevy Camaros

While you might find the initial purchase price to be a little higher, Camaros enjoy the same parts availability as the Mustang. The car is reliable, a blast to drive and can be made into a powerful muscle machine due to an enormous aftermarket performance parts market. These are some of the reasons that 80% of classic car autocross vehicles are Camaros. They are relatively cheap and easy to repair!

1968 – 1970 Chevy Nova

With over one million Novas produced this might just be the cheapest and easiest cars to restore. It is a great choice for a first-time project as long as you avoid the four-door Nova as there isn’t much of a demand for them. Keeping it stock helps the resale value, but there are also numerous upgrades, like disc brake kits, to help the Nova perform at its best.

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