Best supercars: 15 tech-packed cars you’ll really want to drive

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Supercars: start your engines

From the days of the Bentley Speed Six in the 20s, supercars have had the power to capture the imagination, astonish with pure performance and wow with some of the most cutting edge street tech possible. Supercars, or hypercars as they’re become known, have metamorphosed over the years, becoming ever-more adventurous in their pushing of the performance envelope. A modern hypercar is made of materials that have more in common with a fighter jet than a normal road car, and the advent of useable hybrid technology has created a whole new class of uber-tech machines.

These are the hypercars we’d love to drive – in theory, as long as we’re not paying the insurance bill, and there’s plenty of runoff. And definitely not in town. These cars may be the pinnacle of man’s 4-wheeled evolution to date, but speed bumps are definitely off the menu.

There are some exceptions, but you’ll also note that the tech here is largely in the engines and chassis of these monsters. Of course, if you really want touchscreens and smart electronics with your space-rocket-grade acceleration, there’s always a Tesla…

Pagani Zonda Revolucion

The ‘final version’ of the Pagani Zonda was unveiled way back in 2013, but is still one of the most sharp-edged 4 wheeled performance things ever made. A carbon-titanium monocoque body weighing a massive 1070 kg powered by a 800 hp 6.0-liter V12 conspire to give an overall madness rating of 748 hp per tonne – which is very high indeed.

Add to that Brembo brakes and CCMR discs derived from F1 racing, along with a wince-inducing asking price (before VAT), and you’ve got a genuine hypercar monster.

To say that it’s a track-focussed car is a slight understatement, given the standard specs include Cro-Mo roll cage, a magnesium gearbox that’ll grab the next gear in 20ms, and a wildly complex drag reduction system that can either operate automatically, or manually via a button on the steering wheel if you’re feeling very, very brave.

€2.2 million

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