7 Supercars Faster Than An F1 Car

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There is no denying that a Formula One car is fast. Every strand of carbon, even every wheel nut is designed to maximize performance, but can you go faster in something you can license and drive on the street? Around a track the answer is no, but the highest top speed ever recorded by an F1 car was 231 mph in 2016 by a Williams FW38. Here are seven supercars faster than a Formula One car, in order from “slowest” to the current top-speed champion.

McLaren F1 – 240 mph

McLaren’s first ever road car instantly grabbed the headlines with its sheer performance. Made from the same exotic materials as the racing cars, the McLaren F1 features a BMW sourced V12 producing 627 horsepower. A record-breaking run of 240 mph cemented the F1 as a legend among enthusiasts.

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