10 Cheapest Ferrari Cars And Why You Shouldn’t Buy Them

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If you can’t pay for an expensive Ferrari, then you probably have no business trying to purchase a cheap one either. New Ferraris are going to run you six figures. Even if you find a nicely restored classic, you can expect to pay this much. The cheapest Ferrari cars are going to run you a fortune in upkeep. Eventually, it will feel like you’ve invested in an expensive Ferraris unless you sell it first.

Estimates claim that to replace an older Ferrari clutch, you’ll spend more than you would to purchase a used Civic. Yes, all the Ferraris we list in this article are among the worst, but that’s why they’re the cheapest Ferraris around. You aren’t going to find a high-quality Ferrari for a Camry price. Because nobody wants these models, you’ll find them for dirt cheap, but it doesn’t mean you should.

If you want to go newer, you could consider the Ferrari Portofino which is their entry-level model. Even though they’ve skimped on some of the quality, this still costs well over $200,000. If you currently have less than $40,000 and you feel that you must own a Ferrari, you’ll definitely want to avoid this list of the cheapest Ferrari cars.

1. Ferrari 400i

You won’t find a more affordable Ferrari with 12 cylinders than the Ferrari 400i. In fact, we found a couple of used models priced under $25,000. While it does provide room to hold four people, and it has intense power, they are expensive to repair. If you must buy one of these, you would do better to purchase the three-speed automatic versus the five-speed if given the choice because they are less costly to fix.

If you do have the money to keep it running, they are neat tourers. The classic, iconic design stands out and they might continue to go up in value if cared for properly. To keep the engine running, you’ll have to have a mechanic that loves working on Ferraris – a lot!

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