10 Beautiful Sports Cars From The 2000s (10 That Are Not Beautiful)

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We’re sorry to say it, but not all sports cars are beautiful.

The 2000s were a strange time for everyone, and car companies are no different. With the world moving away from MySpace and dial-up to faster and faster internet and sports cars, customers were changing the way they viewed hot-rods and the technology that comes with them. While saying that, it felt like certain car companies were trying too hard to impress a generation they clearly didn’t understand. But for every ugo’mobile on this list, there are some that are truly stunning hyper-cars that we could look at all day and night. The majority of the cars listed as the worst looking sports cars aren’t exactly hideous (most of them anyway), but they landed on this list because they tried to be a car company that fit in, instead of staying true to their personality and brand that we always loved. Usually, you can depend on the companies like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche to give us sports cars we would die to drive, but hey, no one’s perfect, and everyone makes poor style choices. And that’s alright, sometimes it takes a few ugly ducklings to get the perfect swan-car.

But like Italian supermodels, sports cars need to have beauty, grace, and speed (okay so not exactly like Italian supermodels), but for every “bellezza,” there were some real “bruttas” on this list. In saying that, let’s get started shall we? Here are the top 10 best and worst looking sports cars of the 2000s. For the best looking sports cars we say “That’s Hot,” and for the worst looking sports cars we say “You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”


The 2001 Porsche Ruf RGT in our opinion, is somewhat “ruf” looking. (See what we did there?) When you picture yourself driving a Porsche, you image fast corners and speeding past your competition, but sadly, the Porsche Ruf RGT reminds us more of a street racer car from Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, and not one of the cool ones you wanted to drive. This body style, to say the least, isn’t our favorite and rightfully deserves to be on the worst looking sports cars of the 2000s. Even though it’s a Porsche, we still wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot antenna.


To be fair, Acura isn’t exactly known for their sports cars. Obviously, it takes a few attempts and years to cook-up the perfect sports car, but this one still needs a few years to cool in the oven.

The 2002 Acura NSX reminds us more of the first car a kid would buy if they saved up their newspaper cheques.

Sports cars need to bring style, luxury, and speed, and this isn’t very fast, glamorous, or stylish. Priced around $89,000, the 2002 Acura NSX is as good looking as a pig in a beauty pageant and didn’t win any blue ribbons.

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